© Andrew Mather Photography

Matchbox Twenty Brings Nostalgic Show to Kansas City 2017

If you’ve ever listened to Matchbox Twenty then you knew you were in for a great concert full of awesome music. Wednesday night’s show at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri was no disappointment. It was a relatively cool evening outside but the venue appeared to be sold out, or at least very close to it.

Matchbox Twenty took to the stage and immediately dove right into one of their biggest hits, “Real World.” The audience went crazy, jumping up and down, screaming, dancing, cheering. When the band began the intro guitar riffs of “Bent,” the audience began screaming again. Rob Thomas, the band’s lead singer was highly energetic throughout just about every song played. After “Bent,” the band went into their song “Downfall” but fans were treated to a surprising mashup when about halfway through the song the band did a small cover of Bob Dylan’s hit song “Knocking On Heaven’s Door.”

© Andrew Mather Photography
Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox Twenty

When the band got to the song “Hang,” Rob Thomas asked everyone in attendance to pull out their cell phones and turn on their device’s flashlights and hold them high in the air. This was quite a beautiful sight and one of my favorite things to see at a concert. Everyone comes together in unity to create a beautiful sight and not a care about anything else going on in the world. See video clip below.

The show was simply amazing. Highly entertaining. The band members all worked flawlessly together. Everyone had high energy when they moved about the stage. Rob Thomas made a fun comment to the crowd about knowing the difference between being in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas and the audience ate it up, cheering and laughing along with him. It is always impressive to me when I see band members that switch their instruments up throughout the set. The band’s rhythm guitarist Paul Doucette switched between guitar and drums on a few songs. The stage lights set up was interesting as well. The lights were suspended from the stage rafters on a rotating, transforming mechanism. At a couple points during the show the contraption lowered and basically formed a sort of cage surrounding the band.

© Andrew Mather Photography
Matchbox Twenty performing at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri on September 27, 2017.

If Matchbox Twenty’s tour comes anywhere in your vicinity, I highly recommend purchasing a ticket and going. It was that good.

© Andrew Mather Photography
Matchbox Twenty performing at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri on September 27, 2017.

All photos © Andrew Mather

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