© Andrew Mather Photography

Evanescence’s Synthesis Tour Comes to Kansas City 2017

Evanescence is BACK. After taking a break from performing and releasing new music, their latest concert tour has them performing some of their biggest hit songs with members of local orchestras from the various cities the tour stops in.

The Kansas City Music Hall was filled with a wide assortment of fans. The majority of the concert attendees were dressed fairly casual, wearing various Evanescence tour t-shirts. But there were also several in attendance that wore much fancier attire, including suits and cocktail dresses.

The orchestra started the show by playing a few classical selections to build the audience’s anticipation. Susie Bench, an accomplished orchestrator whose work is featured in numerous movies and videogames, led the orchestra throughout the night. After a quick intermission, Amy Lee took the stage wearing a stunning black and red dress and sat at the grand piano to start out Evanescene’s set. A single spotlight shown down upon Lee as she was greeted with a major applause from the audience.

© Andrew Mather Photography
Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence

Amy Lee’s powerful voice paired beautifully with the sounds of the orchestra behind her. With Lee’s opera-like voice, combined with the strings and brass sections of the orchestra, the electronic drumset’s beats, and the use of the synthesizer, Evanescence’s reimagining of their hits sounded hauntingly beautiful and more powerful.

© Andrew Mather Photography
Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence
© Andrew Mather Photography
Evanescence performing at the Kansas City Music Hall along with members of the Kansas City Symphony as part of their Synthesis Tour on December 11, 2017.
© Andrew Mather Photography
Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence

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All photos © Andrew Mather





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