© Andrew Mather Photography

“Tour de Prance” Tour Passes Through Kansas City 2018

Story by Ace Sims, Live Music Reporter

Photos by Andrew Mather, Editor-in-Chief/Photographer

© Andrew Mather Photography
Justin Hawkins, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of The Darkness

Let me preface this by saying I have never heard of Diarrhea Planet, and the only song by The Darkness I have ever heard was “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.”  So, let’s just say that when The Darkness with special guest Diarrhea Planet was coming to town, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Kicking of the double bill were the cats from Nashville, Tennessee, Diarrhea Planet. Not going to lie the name is quite…well…unique to say the least, and their style matched.  Four guitarists, yes, your eyes have not failed you. They had four guitar players along with a bass player.  It was if there were as many guitar strings on that stage as there was hair.  The tasty licks were a plenty as each guitarist took turns stepping to the front and ripping off riff after riff.  Would it be too much to say Diarrhea Planet were the shit??? Yes, I know that was cheesy as hell and I can almost bet that has been used before.  I will say it was an experience.

© Andrew Mather Photography
Justin Hawkins, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of The Darkness

Closing out the party was The Darkness, who are out and about on their Tour de Prance tour.  It was quite the show.  Adorned in a leopard print body suit with the cape to match, front man Justin Hawkins pranced about the stage before grabbing the microphone and starting up the show.  Bass player Frankie Poullain looked as if he were wearing a Sleazy P Martini costume straight out of GWAR’s wardrobe.  It was a party, straight up, and I can’t think of another show where I have seen a singer of a band look as though he was having the absolute time of his life.  Justin Hawkins had a smile on his face from the start and it was as genuine as it could be.  The photographers in the pit got a nice surprise as they were leaving the pit after the third song when they were called back to the pit by Justin who exclaimed that the next song was one of the few he did without his guitar and was able to prance around more so they could take pictures of his bum.  That got quite the laugh from the Truman crowd.

Listen people I could go on and on about how much fun this show was and how it might have been just one of the overall happiest times I have ever had at a show, due to the fact that everyone was feeding off of the energy that was pouring from the stage, but I won’t.  This show is a must see live, even if you’re not a fan or you only like one song, this show will be good for your soul.  Trust me, in today’s world we can all use a little more happiness in our lives and Diarrhea Planet and The Darkness can give it to you.

Yes I just said Diarrhea can deliver you happiness.

© Andrew Mather Photography
Frankie Poullain, bass guitarist of The Darkness
© Andrew Mather Photography
Justin Hawkins, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of The Darkness

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All photos © Andrew Mather

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