Kim Petras

Kim Petras Brings Clarity Tour to Kansas City 2019

Story & Photos by Andrew Mather, Editor-In-Chief/Primary Photographer

German-native pop star Kim Petras brought her Clarity Tour to The Truman venue in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday December 1, 2019.

Kim Petras
Kim Petras

It was a chilly Sunday evening in Kansas City and fans were lined up outside of The Truman eagerly awaiting the doors to open. As the crowd waited, the infamous cult of protesters, the Westboro Baptist Church took up space across the street to protest the Kim Petras concert. Kim made her own official statement on instagram. Kim also decided to take things a step further and greeted her fans and the protesters outside. She took off her coat and struck a few poses while wearing only a tight black bodysuit, fishnets, and a pair of shiny black thigh-high boots.

Inside the venue, a wide variety of fans from teenagers to some people old enough to be grandparents were dancing and cheering while the opening act, Alex Chapman entertained with his DJ skills and personality on stage.

Once Chapman’s stage time ended, the lights went down and Kim Petras emerged on stage from the top of a multi-tiered stage set up. The audience screamed and cheered as she struck a few poses while wearing her black body suit with a black and white ruffled skirt. Kim played through many songs throughout the night, such as Clarity, Meet The Parents, Hillside Boys, Death By Sex, and many others.

Kim Petras
Kim Petras

Petras’s performance was great. Her stage presence was immense. She strutted around the stage with such confidence all while maintaining an amazing vocal prowess. She seemed very engaged with her fans, not directly or physically, but through her lyrics. She seemed to really connect with them on a deeper level.

Fans enjoying Kim Petras's performance at The Truman venue in Kansas City, Missouri on December 1, 2019
Fans enjoying Kim Petras’s performance at The Truman venue in Kansas City, Missouri on December 1, 2019

While Petras’s performance was nothing short of amazing, what really stood out was the audience. The way her fans looked up at her on stage, the love and admiration, the passion towards her, sparkling in their eyes, was something that really felt so real. Her shows are known to be safe havens for those in the LGBTQ community and that was definitely who the majority of the audience consisted of and it was quite a heartwarming sight seeing these people unafraid to just be themselves and have an amazing night with their friends and loved ones, free from judgement. It was like a small but powerful spark of hope in an increasingly dark and close-minded world.

Kim Petras
Kim Petras
Kim Petras
Kim Petras

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All photos © Andrew Mather

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