© Andrew Mather Photography

Beats Antique: A FLAVOR MEDLEY

Photos by Andrew Mather, Editor-In-Chief/Photographer

Story by Logan Corsaut, Live Music Reporter

© Andrew Mather Photography
Dancers Zoe Jakes and Pixie Fordtears of Beats Antique

There is a particular charm to a group like Beats Antique—a charm that fills a small venue with an assortment of patrons of a wide range of ages and creeds. Younger, more colorful fans, who dreadlock their dirty blonde hair, wear baggie hoodies and pants, and smell strongly of weed whilst they flail their arms and legs like the strands of a willow tree dancing in the wind. And then there are the older fans, who wear muted monochrome coats, drive nice sedans, and are out with a number of their friends already, like they came directly from an hours-long wine tasting.

They all come for the same thing—to be entertained by a group that has just a little bit for everyone. Described on Wikipedia as an “experimental world fusion and electronic music” group, Beats Antique, hailing from Oakland, California, are a pleasant and somewhat unpredictable blend of tasty genre ingredients, brewed to perfection, and they filled every corner of the Truman with their peculiar, enchanting aroma.

The musical side of Beats Antique is largely provided by the drummer, Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel and the multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, guitars, mandolin, banjo, fiddle), David Satori. On the other side, physicality is provided by the third member, Zoe Jakes, who injects a burlesque-esque, style defying belly dance routine, which makes the already hectic stew of sensory experience even more enthralling.

© Andrew Mather Photography
David Satori, instrumentalist of Beats Antique


© Andrew Mather Photography
Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel, drummer of Beats Antique
© Andrew Mather Photography
Dancers Zoe Jakes and Pixie Fordtears of Beats Antique

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All photos © Andrew Mather

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